Rodeo-fineasscam.com AboutI am a writer fromLos Angeles. In 2015 I graduated from Reed College with a BA in History. I write startup content grants company mission statements creative nonfiction and cultural criticism.

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Hdbestporn.com ABOUT THE EVENT The Rally for Youth is a calltoaction. Its a war cry for people to put aside differencesand be bold enough to step out of their comfort zones and begin to listen to the voices oftodays young people. The goal of R4Y is to create positive outlets for expressive arts tonavigate the conversations around mental health substance abuse disorder addictionssexuality spirituality childhood abuse sexual violence suicide depression anxiety socialjustice racism equity issues economic injustices poverty and all the issues of life thatchallenge our young adults directly FROM young adults in their own words on their ownterms. R4Y is a commitment to stand with youth Hearttoheart and handinhand and dolife along side each other. To do this we must work with and be surrounded by realpeople who are not afraid to get gully aka. honest transparent vulnerable and tell thingslike they are in the raw naked ugly beautiful truth. R4Y is a transformational experienceand an evolving journey of love.SCHEDULE